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Cover of “Alcohol, cats, and people (Yale edition)


Cover of Of cats and people. (1951). Auburn, AL: Alabama Polytechnic Institute.

Cover of the pamphet Jellinek, E. M. (1948). Alcohol, cats and people. Avon Park, FL: Florida State Alcoholic Rehabilitation Program, reprinted from the original Yale publication.

Promotional flyer by the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies, Publications Division

Cover of the book The Disease Concept of Alcoholism by E. M. Jellinek published by Hillhouse Press, the publisher of the Yale Center of Alcohol Studies on behalf of the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation.

A photo of an 4×5-inch ex libris marked with the initials E.M.J. features a perplexed ape contemplating a human skull while sitting on a book entitled “Darwin.”

An adaptation of the original Jellinek curve, The progressive disease of alcoholism shows a more detailed version with call to action. This copy was distributed by the Alcoholism Council of Greater Los Angeles. 1957 ©Doyle F. Landley

A copy of the so-called Glatt Chart, also known as the Jellinek Curve. Glatt revised Jellinek’s chart to include the upswing of recovery. Although Jellinek himself was not responsible for this addition, the “Jellinek curve” still bears his name.

A copy of the phases of Jellinek’s Phases of Alcoholism chart (oruginally published in the Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol in 1952) elaborates on Jellinek’s phases. Published as Phases of “Phases of Alcoholism” in George Strachan,…

Portrait of E. M. Jellinek used in several publications, on the back cover of The Disease Concept of Alcoholism among them.
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