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Library resources for SSAS

Starting in 1943, library and archival resources were available for both instructors and participants during the Summer School of Alcohol Studies.

The close relationship of SSAS faculty with diverse groups interested in alcohol education resulted in many "non-technical" publications, the Center’s term for popular pamphlets and other educational materials geared toward the general public.

With their unique experience, SSAS faculty remained a great source to write on addiction-related topics for diverse audiences in any format, print or digital, from the School’s founding to the present day.

Committed to collect all material related to beverage alcohol, the CAS Library and Archives was the world's first collection specialized in addiction literature, leading the way to developing other alcohol-specific libraries all over the world.

Up until its closure, the Rutgers CAS Library still owned books labeled "Reserve" for SSAS. It provided an opportunity for SSAS and seminar participants to benefit from its vast resources via SSAS or community borrower cards until its doors closed in 2016.

As a result, materials from the CAS Library are frequently cited and archival images often show up in scholarly and lay publications.

From the Digital Alcohol Studies Archives

Library resources for SSAS