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CAS History Preserved in Alumni News

The SSAS Alumni News was an annual newsletter that kept alumni informed about the latest development at the Summer School of Alcohol Studies: new programs, special sessions, alumni notes, and lists of college courses in Alcohol Studies.

The newsletter began in 1945 with the help of contributions from the SSAS Alumni Fund. Volunteer members of the Alumni Fund contributed one dollar for the year, which helped pay for printing and mailing costs. All extra funds were applied to the Alumni Scholarship Fund, used to “make it possible for a worthy person to attend the Summer Session.”

The Alumni News made sure that alumni of the program kept in touch with the school and each other. Documenting more than just the latest news related to the Summer School, these newsletters are a historical treasure trove for early alcohol research, education, and treatment, including plenty of images.

From the Digital Alcohol Studies Archives

CAS History Preserved in Alumni News